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Drum Teacher 213-595-5687
My philosophy as a teacher is pretty simple: You can play anything if you play it slow enough.

All lessons will be designed for your particular needs.You will learn different styles of drumming, but more importantly you will learn how to be creative and stay creative at all times, so regardless of the music you are playing, you will always have a recognizable voice and way to express yourself. We will work on the physical and the mental aspect of playing the drums, so being uncomfortable performing in front of people (stage fright) will become thing of the past. 
You will learn in a way that will help you develop a routine that will inspire you and make you feel content and satisfied every time you play the drums. And this will be one of the many CONCEPTS that you will be learning. I can also explain step by step  the mystery of Odd Time Signatures and how to make it Groove and Flow and have you feel the pulse instead of thinking about it.
I will teach you:

  • how to learn                                             
  • technique
  • rudiments
  • time table (subdivisions)
  • how to develop your own voice
  • how to read music
  • focus
In my years as a drum teacher I came across many students who thought at first, that "they are not good at music",
that "they don't have it" or that "they can't learn". A lot of this had to do with the "teachers" who had told them so.
Those same "teachers" have failed to connect and communicate on a level that is comfortable for the student and
as a result the student felt it was their fault for the inability to learn the instrument. All they really needed was someone that understood how to teach them in a way that makes sense to them and show them how to learn. Now they have reached new level of confidence because now they know How To Learn. And knowing how to learn is the key to your success and my #1 priority.     

My methods are simple, fun and effective.They are about Results. So if you don't get Results your lessons will be Free. I've played and studied drums for 35 years and have helped hundreds of students just like you. I've taught private lessons, clinics, master classes, drum camps, rock camps to children and adults at Seattle Drum School and Creative Music Adventures, some of the top music schools in the Northwest, so I know the steps you need to take ,that will help you get to where you want to go. But don't take my word for it, check the testimonials and talk to my former and current students. I'll be more than happy to provide you with contact information.

Students of all levels of ability-beginners to advanced, all ages are welcome.
To begin with your lessons or for more information about scheduling, rates or any other questions,
please contact me at phone number below:




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