iVo Nakov 
Drum Teacher 213-595-5687
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"Ivo is an outstanding teacher. He has helped my son overcome resistance to practicing and lessons in the most compassionate and supportive way.He is always positive and happy to see Danny, and brings the best kind of encouraging energy to his teaching.
He has great empathy and reads people well.He is extremely patient and can change his approach to motivate the student in the most positive way. As a career educator myself, I admire his approach, his technique, and I appreciate him as a truly good human being."
   Jon M.Anastasio,Ed.D father of Danny-11yrs old

"For the past three years Henry has been a student of Ivo at Seattle Drum School. It has been an exceptionally wonderful experience. From a parent perspective, Ivo has been the ideal teacher. First he is the consummate professional. He has consistently kept appointments and he is always on time. Most importantly he has been a great teacher. He has mentored my son to always strive for his full potential. Today Henry thinks of himself as a drummer and thinks of himself more highly, drum lessons with Ivo has strengthened Henry's
   Nina Evers mom of  Henry-14yrs old

"My son has learned a lot more than drum lines and music theory.He has developed a work ethic and has learned how to approach a new skill. Ivo encourages his students to explore and experiment.
His teaching techniques include modeling and guided practice. His methods produce good musicians."
    Kathleen Sherman mom of Phil-16yrs old

"Ivo has taught me to have a positive attitude. He won't let me think I can't do it. I am 57 years old, and a college graduate, and I think he is one of the best teachers I have ever had. I use what he has taught me whenever I am trying to learn something new.
I now feel the joy of playing the drums and believe I can do it."
  Diane Dempster 57yrs old

"Ivo's been teaching my daughter for the past six years.
I am very grateful for having my daughter be able to be one of Ivo's students.She looks forward to her drum lesson,and is always happy after her class.Ivo has an excellent concept of how to build his student's confidence toward music and themselves. Our family is greatly appreciative of Ivo's dedication and love for his percussion instruction.
He is passionate and committed to providing the highest level of education.My daughter excelled under his guidance and is now achieving in her own goals in percussion."
   Sadrina Dorn mom of Josie-11yrs old


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